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Casting Crowns Video American Dream

If you are not on the Pod Casting Band Wagon yet, then you need to be, as more and more people are tuning in and turning the volume up. It appears that humans really enjoy getting their information this way and this new trend did not fad away as expected by some industry or Internet Pundits. Why do people like pod casting?

Well it is because it is so simple to use and there are so many options for users of these systems, that pod casting seems to be a definite outreach for such a just in time application. Think of all the folks out there who disseminate information thru giving speeches, online videos or even tele-conferences.

All these folks can use pod-casting and do and those who receive information this way would rather get it thru a pod caste than a teleconference; wouldn’t you? Indeed, so would I and this is one reason that pod casting has revolutionized the way we get information.

Will this fad die? Oh, certainly not, but indeed someday it maybe enhanced with video and then holographic video type pod casting, but alas that is an article for a future pod caste. So, consider all this in 2006.

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